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      The portal aims to foster the sharing of information, experience and lessons learned in applying a human rights-based approach in practice.  This section of the portal provides access to case studies from across the UN system, as well as examples of experiences shared through the UN’s human rights policy network.

Featured Case Studies

AREVA in Niger: A multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle HIV/AIDS

This case study explores the establishment of a multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle HIV/AIDS in a remote region with a high prevalence rate in which AREVA is a major economic actor. It describes and assesses the process that brought the partners together to design a joint action plan.  Access case study

Applying a HRBA in Empowering Herder Communities, Mongolia

The main objective of this pilot is to reinforce the HRBA concepts while targeting extractive mining practices in rural areas of Mongolia. The pilot aims to achieve a demonstrated level of empowerment of herder communities that are affected by environmentally destructive mining practices.  Access case study

Developing Womens' Capacities to Access Adequate Housing & Land, Fiji

One of the most significant forms of systemic human rights and gender discrimination in the Pacific is that of women’s right to adequate housing and land.   This pilot project seeks to address both gender discrimination as well as access to livelihoods for Pacific Island women.  Access case study